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WELCOME TO THE Wichita Rivian Club

The American spirit has always been a combination of exploration and ingenuity, and a desire to find like minded people to share that adventure with. We, as individuals were drawn to Rivian, as a new, innovative EV that provided us with the means to explore the world around us. Along the way, waiting and talking to others who had ordered the R1T and R1S, we discovered that we shared a lot in common, and wanted to go on adventures together. We created the Rivian Clubs of America to facilitate the members' desire to explore and participate in community and nature. Join us and help us stay Adventurous Forever.


Join us at one of our many events around the nation! Get to know other Rivian owners and fans in your area. Whether it be a cars and coffee event, family camping trip, or getting off the pavement to find adventure, there’s an event for everyone!


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Chapter President

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President of Finance

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